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Parents & Family

Fr. David and familyIf you have a son, brother or friend who is considering the priesthood, we encourage you to pray for them. As Companions of the Cross, we believe that vocations must come from a free and spontaneous self-offering of love to the Lord.

For this reason, we avoid pressuring anyone, but rather try to assist them to correctly discern and answer their call.

The Companions of the Cross have invested much time and energy to develop a formation program which respects this freedom and offers a deep immersion into the living heart of the Lord.

If you would like to know more about our Formation Program, please follow this link.

"Your priest is somebody's son. Your son could be somebody's priest."


We suggest the following prayer if you have a family member or friend considering a vocation:

"Loving Father, I pray for ( name ), who is considering a vocation to the priesthood. Please help him to discern your call so that he may unite himself perfectly to your holy will. Grant him the courage, clarity and peace that he needs to do what you ask, no matter what it is. O Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray for ( name ) and hold him in your immaculate heart. Direct him in freedom to whatever call God has placed on his life. Help him to know it, and follow it with unshakeable faith. Amen."

Vocation Prayer to Mary, Queen of Apostles

We turn to you, Mother of the Church. Through your “fiat”, you have opened the door, which makes Christ present in the world, in history, and in individual lives. In humble silence and total availability, you welcomed the call of the Most High. May there be many men and women in our day who respond to your Son’s invitation: “Follow me!” Grant them courage to leave family, work, and earthly hopes to follow Christ along the road that He walked. Mary, Queen of Apostles, pray for us and for an increase of priestly and religious vocations. Amen. (Based on a prayer by Pope John Paul II)

Vocation Prayer (Pope John Paul II)

Holy Father, look upon this humanity of ours, that is taking its first steps along the path of the Third Millennium. Its life is still deeply marked by hatred, violence, and oppression, but the thirst for justice, truth, and grace still finds a space in the hearts of many people, who are waiting for someone to bring salvation, enacted by You through Your Son Jesus. There is the need for courageous heralds of the Gospel, for generous servants of suffering humanity. Send holy priests to Your Church, we pray, who may sanctify your people with the tools of Your grace. Send numerous consecrated men and women, that they may show Your holiness in the midst of the world. Send holy labourers into Your vineyard, that they may labour with the fervor of charity and, moved by Your Holy Spirit, may bring the salvation of Christ to the farthest ends of the earth. Amen. Pope John Paul II