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Discernment Assistance

Vocational discernment can be a scary thing if I think “I need to decide this right now! Is God calling me to be a priest, today?”

But lets back things up a little bit and start with a few universal principles or foundation stones for discernment:

  1. I am a direct-willed thought of God who called me into existence. I am not some random occurrence of evolution.
  2. I am a tile in the mosaic of life that God is creating in the world. I am an important piece. I have a place on the front lines.
  3. God invites me to give him permission to say ‘Yes’ to his invitation and to step out in faith, and to live in serenity and peace. When I understand and live in these truths, then I can step out and discover what is God’s specific call or vocation for my life. Suddenly discernment is not such a scary thing.

I know I am loved. I know I am called. And, I am free to choose.