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Bishop Scott McCaig standing next to Fr. Jim LowePraise God, you think you might be called to the priesthood and to join us! Welcome! Now we enter into a period of mutual discernment, guided by the Church’s experience as expressed in Church law (“Canon Law”), as well as common standards of society in general.

It’s best to contact our Director of Formation as soon as possible (

"Perhaps you aren’t thinking of joining this year, but just want to talk. That’s great. There’s no pressure to join this year or in any year. We just want what you want: God’s will. That’ll be for the best; for you; for us; for the Church, and the world.”

Since academic studies begin in the Fall of each year, our formation program also begins in the Fall. Consequently, we’ll need certain pieces of information by early July at the latest, and you should contact our Director of Admissions before the end of May. So, if you’ve communicated with our Director of Admissions, he’ll have a questionnaire for you to fill out telling us about yourself.

In order to officially apply, you need to be at least (1) 19 years old; (2) single; and (3) if already part of another ‘religious’ community, have the proper permissions for transfer. We’ll be asking you for a recent baptismal certificate (which should show that you’ve been confirmed and are not currently married).

  • If you’re over the age of 35, we recognize that it may be more difficult to be formed in a new and particular way of life. As such, we’ll be more cautious and you’ll only be admitted on an exceptional basis.
  • If you’ve had a marriage annulled, we’ll need to see whether there is any previous impediment that prevented you from entering into marriage that still exists and would prevent you from entering into the priesthood as well. Moreover, if you have children, we’ll need to check if there are any moral or legal obligations toward them.
  • If you’re already a priest or have had prior formation experience or advanced academic credit, you’ll still be required to go through the Applicancy portion of our formation program. (Priest Associates of the Society are entitled to an exemption of one year from the two year Applicancy requirement.) The ordinary minimum length of time that a man must have spent in the Society prior to consideration for lifetime membership is five years with the possibility of a one year exemption. We want you to be capable of the life to which you feel called and joyful living it. In order to help determine if you’re healthy, have a suitable disposition, sufficient maturity, and other requisite qualities:
  • You are to have completed a secondary school diploma and to have had at least one year of post-secondary education or other significant life experience; o You’ll need official transcripts from High School and all previous colleges and universities.
  • You’ll need a physical medical examination and a psychological examination Bishop Scott praying in Cathedralshowing that you’re in good health; or If you have a chronic medical condition which may affect your ability to undertake the life and mission of the Society, you’ll be considered only by way of exception. If you have serious personality disorders, or if you have serious unresolved emotional and developmental issues around psychosexual identity, then you should not apply at this time.
  • You’ll need 3 letters of reference, a police check, and a passport-sized photo;
  • You need to have enough proficiency in the English language to communicate effectively and complete the necessary academic degrees;
  • If you’re a convert to the Catholic faith, or were non-practising, you are to have practised your faith for a minimum of two years prior to admission;
  • If you’ve been involved in criminal or compulsive behaviour, you’re to have lived in a reformed manner for a minimum of two years prior to admission;
  • If you’ve had a history of sexual relations outside marriage, you’re to have lived in a chaste manner for a minimum of two years prior to admission; and
  • If you have significant financial debt, other than academic debt, you’ll have to pay off that debt or have it largely decreased prior to admission.

Our Director of Admissions will arrange the psychological examination with a professional, as well as give you further instructions on these various bits of required information. Thank you for responding to God’s call!