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Pilgrimage to Poland - Journey into the Mercy of God

Event Date: 
May 11, 2014 (All day) to May 22, 2014 (All day)

Pilgrimage to Poland - Journey into the Mercy of God May 11 - 22, 2014 Sponsored by the John Paul II Centre for Divine Mercy. With Fr. Lawrence Hyginus, CC

It is important to emphasize that this pilgrimage is a retreat, a time of prayer, a path of conversion, a deepening of our love for God and a greater awareness of His love for us through our Daily Mass and monastery style accommodation.

This is our journey for an ever deepening experience of the Mercy of God found in Jesus and for the whole world to know. The grace begins in Ottawa, flying overnight to Warsaw and then travelling by motor coach to visit the key Shrines and Churches of Poland related to Divine Mercy and our Polish Saint Companions. Stan, who did such an excellent job on our first pilgrimage, will now with his wife Maria, be our Hosts.

PRICE PER PERSON: $2,300 SINGLE PERSON and $2,150 PER PERSON FOR COUPLES. Price includes airfare/taxes/fuel charges, accommodation, breakfast and dinner each day, motor coach transportation, group airport transfers and entrance fees. Travel insurance, lunches and other personal expenses are extra. For more information contact our team members:


As part of our tour of WARSAW we will visit the MOTHERHOUSE OF THE SISTERS OF OUR LADY OF MERCY. It was at this Convent on August 01, 1925 that Helena (St. Faustina) was accepted by the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. We will also visit the TOMB OF BLESSED FR. JERZY POPIEULUSZKO the Martyr who stood against the Communist ideology and gave his life for TRUTH! As we leave Warsaw for CZESTOCHOWA we pass through SWINICE WARECKIE where St. Faustina was born and raised. We will CELEBRATE MASS IN ST. CASMIR CHURCH where she was baptised and then a guided tour of the house that she was raised in as well as, GLOGOWIEC - THE KOWALSKI HOME, where Helen, later Saint Faustina, was born.

Our day continues towards the destination of the monastery in CZESTOCHOWA, JASNA GÓRA - OUR LADY OF CZESTOCHOWA has for centuries been the heart of pilgrimage in Poland. It is home to the Icon of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. We stay the night in CZESTOCHOWA SHARING IN THE CANDLELIGHT POSSESSION. The next day we celebrate MASS UNDER THE IMAGE OF OUR LADY and spend a good amount of time exploring the enchanting site and history of Mary as the Queen of Poland.


Later in the afternoon of May 15 we travel to KRAKOW and the international DIVINE MERCY CENTRE LAGIEWNIKI where St. Faustina lived and died. We STAY AT THE CONVENT GUEST HOUSE of the Sisters of our Lady of Mercy and from there we take our day trips until we return to Ottawa. The whole complex is enchanting with Chapels, Grottos and Stations of the Cross. It offers a 24/7 Adoration Chapel in truly a Catholic village setting. MASS WILL BE CELEBRATED DAILY. Join the SISTERS AT 3:00 P.M. FOR THE HOUR OF MERCY AND CHAPLET. There will be a COUPLE OF DAYS WHEN ALL CAN REST AND PRAY at the Divine Mercy Centre, VISIT THE NEW JOHN PAUL II CENTRE across the stream from the Centre. There is easy access to the center of Krakow for those who wish to shop. The Sisters operate an excellent gift shop with all things religious especially Divine Mercy right on the Mercy site. ALL DAY TRIPS WILL BE LEAVING FROM DIVINE MERCY CENTRE LAGIEWNIKI (KRAKOW)

OSWIECIM - A day journey to a place that continually cries out for and begs the mercy of God! The Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

WIELICZKA SALT MINE - Poland’s Underground Salt Cathedral a day’s journey to this wonder of the world and the creative genius and devotion of the Polish people

WADOWICE - The BIRTH PLACE OF JOHN PAUL II. VISIT HIS FAMILY HOUSE (MUSEUM) AND THE CHURCH where Karol Wojtyla was baptized and attended masses as a child and later as a teenager. We CELEBRATE MASS IN THIS ENCHANTING CHURCH and have time to walk about in this most charming village.

KALWARIA ZEBRZYDOWSKA – We visit the WEEPING MADONNA OUR LADY OF CALVARY. Drops of blood flowing from the eyes of Our Lady of Calvary were noticed on the painting given to the Bernadine Fathers in 1641. The first Calvary (or way of the Cross) created in Poland is located here and its layout is based on the topography of old Jerusalem. The complex includes the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a Bernadine monastery and Mount Calvary itself, with forty four chapels scattered over the hills. Inside the church, the mannerist retro choir stalls with twenty six scenes from the Life of the Virgin, the richly carved mid-seventeenth century pulpit and the Baroque high alter all merit close attention.

ZAKOPANE – As one of the oldest centres dedicated to Fatima in Poland, it was built as a votive offering for saving of the life of Pope John Paul II after the assassination attempt in 1981. We will celebrate HOLY MASS IN THE SHRINE CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA dedicated to Mary for having saved her beloved son on that day May 13, 1981. As well the scenery and mountains are so beautiful, only enhanced by a gondola ride to the summit for a breathtaking view.