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Companions Feast Day (The Exaltation fo the Cross)

Event Date: 
September 14, 2014 (All day)

"We believe the Lord has given us our name, Companions of the Cross, for a reason... We will not have to search out the cross. It will find us. And, we believe, we are not to fight it, but to embrace it."

Ottawa - Vespers (Evening Prayer)
St. Mary's Parish
100 Young Street, Ottawa
7:00 pm Vespers

Detroit - Praise and Worship
St. Scholastica Parish
17320 Rosemont Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48219
6:30 Praise and Worship
Are you hungry for a great night of praise, worship, prayer and fellowship? Then come and join the Companions of the Cross for their annual Feast Day celebration (Exaltation of the Cross Vigil) at St. Scholastica! Please help us promote this event! Charismatic praise and worship begins in the church at 6:30pm, followed by fellowship in the convent. Secured parking available.

If your location isn't listed here please follow up with your parish priest.