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Bishop Scott McCaig Coat of Arms

Explanation of Bishop Scott McCaig's Coat of Arms.

The central Cross is the symbol of the Companions of the Cross. It represents the victory of Jesus Christ Crucified, who was and remains the power and the wisdom of God.

Fr. Allan Eucharistic Adoration

For Immediate Release: Companions of the Cross Elect New General Superior

Companions of the Cross elect Fr. Allan MacDonald as their new General Superior.

Praying for the 5 new applicants

Normal Men, Extraordinary Mission

God willing, we will be inspired by these 5 men to do the same.

Worship at the Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians Retreat

We Are the Sheep

We need to stop trying to smell ‘like’ the sheep. We are THE SHEEP. We all need conversion. Daily.

Bishop Christian Riesbeck Portrait

Bishop Christian Riesbeck on The Choices We Face

Bishop Christian Riesbeck, CC stopped by Ralph Martin's show The Choices we Face. It is a fantastic interview!

"That was Father Bob's vision. He saw that the quality of...

Fr. Rob in Lobster suit attacking Fr. Simon

Brotherhood with the Lobster and the Spatula

Why is Fr. Simon’s weapon for fighting off a lobster a spoon? Shouldn’t it be a lobster cracker? I digress.