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2017 Pastoral Appointments

Fr. LawrenceFr. Lawrence Hyginus 

Associate at St. Maurice Parish & Liturgical MC for the Community (July 1)


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Marcus Schonnop

Pastoral internship St. Maurice Parish (September 1st)


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Fr. John Likozar

Associate at St. Mary’s (July 1)


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Fr. TerryFr. Terry Donahue

One year sabbatical for self directed studies (July 1)


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Fr. Francis Donnelly

Retiring from active ministry (July 1)


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Fr. Bernard Messier

Director of First Year Formation (August 1st)


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Fr. Galen Bank

Director of Priest Personnel and Treasurer General (August 1st)


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Dcn. Ruben Campbell

Associate at Queen of Peace parish (Ruben will be ordained to the priesthood August 26) (His placement begins October 1st)

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Fr. Jorge Alvarado

Associate at the Catholic Charismatic Centre (October 1st)


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Fr. Francis Frankovich

Retiring from active ministry (October 1st)


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Fr. Carlos Martins

Evangelization Ministry, Archdiocese of Detroit & Ministry with Treasures of the Church (August 1st)


Meet Fr. Carlos here! Find out more about Treasures of the Church here!

Fr. Jim Lowe

Pastor of St. Scholastica parish (July 1)


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Fr. Michael Scherrey

Retiring from active ministry (July 1)


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Fr. Kenneth Lao

Pastoral Administrator of Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit (July 1)


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Fr. Bryan Sabourin

Associate at Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit (July 1)


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Fr. Simon Lobo

Pastor of St. Benedict Parish (July 1)


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Fr. Marc Syrenne

Full time chaplain at York University Catholic Chaplaincy, CCY (August 1st)


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Fr. Ben St. Croix

½ time at York University Catholic Chaplaincy, CCY & ½ time Missions (August 1st)


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