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Dcn. Alex Colautti Homilist Cover

Dcn. Alex Colautti

Fr. Galen Bank Smiling

Fr. Galen Bank, CC

Fr. Francis Ching Preaching

Fr. Francis Ching, CC

Fr. Charles Orchard Homilist Cover

Fr. Charles Orchard, CC

Fr. Kenneth Lao Homilist Cove rPhoto

Fr. Kenneth Lao, CC

Fr. Jorge Homilist Cover

Fr. Jorge Alvarado, CC

Fr. John Fletcher Header Photo

Fr. John Fletcher. CC

Fr. Jim Homilist Photo

Fr. Jim Lowe, CC

Fr. Bob Homilist Cover Photo

Fr. Bob Bedard, CC

Fr. Simon Homilist Cover Photo Catholic

Fr. Simon Lobo, CC

Fr. Roger Vandenakker Homilist Cover Catholic Photo

Fr. Roger Vandenakker, CC

Fr. Yves Marchildon Homilist Cover Photo Catholic

Fr. Yves Marchildon, CC

Fr. Tim Homilist Cover Photo

Fr. Tim Devine, CC

Fr. Dennis Homilist Cover Photo

Fr. Dennis Hayes, CC

Fr. Sean Wenger Homilist Cover Photo

Fr. Sean Wenger, CC

Fr. Bryan Catholic Homilist Cover Photo

Fr. Bryan Sabourin, CC

Fr. Scott Homilist Cover

Bishop Scott McCaig, CC

Fr. David Bergeron, CC

Fr. David Bergeron, CC

Fr. Pierre Ingram, CC

Fr. Pierre Ingram, CC

Bishop Riesbeck, CC Preaching at Mass of Thanksgiving Catholic Photo

Bishop Christian Riesbeck, CC

Fr. Mark Goring Preaching Catholic Photo

Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Fr. Allan preaching Catholic Photo

Fr. Allan MacDonald, CC

Latest Homilies

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

The Third Degree of Silence - Silence with One's Imagination

Homily /  by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

We don't have to open our mind to every thought that comes knocking on the door.

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

The Plan

Homily /  by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

“The Lord does not do anything without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets. You are his prophet. Let the Lord reveal to you what his plan is.”

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Tradition of Praise

Homily /  by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

We need to sing a joyful song to the Lord. We need to be joyful in our praise. 

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

God Gave me a Scripture

Homily /  by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

“Be attentive to the Lord's still, small voice and be attentive to God's word. If the Lord gives you a scripture, cherish it, hold it close to your heart, ponder it, and let it bear fruit in your...

Fr. Kenneth Lao Portrait

Suffer With Jesus

Homily /  by Fr. Kenneth Lao, CC

Offer and join our sufferings to the sufferings of Jesus on the cross for the conversion of sinners. 

1. Church is the People of God

Our church building is not the church but rather...

Fr. Jim Lowe Portrait

The Holy Spirit is the Key

Homily /  by Fr. Jim Lowe, CC

“I encourage you today to pray for a change of heart. That we will allow ourselves to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. That we will have a desire to live as saints, to live a life of holiness, to...