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You’ll Always Be in Debt

You’ll always be in debt is good news, as we heard in the readings today, “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another.” Romans13:8 This speaks to our debt of love. There is a debt of love that we owe to one another. It is a very high standard and demands unconditional love and selflessness. St Paul was explaining in these words how Christians are to conduct themselves in relation with one another. Love is an outstanding debt that will always remain. You will always be in debt to me and I will always be in debt to you. We will only be relieved of this debt of love will be in heaven when we are perfectly united to one another in Christ in love. The ultimate Christ centered community is Heaven, perfectly loving one another.

Have you taken a personal responsibility for this debt? I can be quite challenging. We are in this together with the Holy Spirit. This debt of love is the foundation of a Christ centered community.

But what is love? St Thomas Aquinas said true love derives less from feeling and more from decision. He says love is willing the good of another. This comes from a selfless heart. No one has greater love that this to lay down one’s life for another. John15:13 Jesus didn’t just teach this truth, He lived it. Looking at the crucifix we see this selfless giving for the good of another.  Holy Spirit help me be an example of Jesus’ love to the world.