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What do You do When you are Challenged?

How do you respond when your faith is challenged?

  1. Be clear that you are following Christ and not the culture. When you are being challenged don't forget the basics. As Christians, we are called to put Jesus on the throne. Do I want to choose today to put Jesus on the throne? Am I going to be in charge? Or, am I going to come under the lordship of Jesus.
  2. Be prepared to respond to challenges. Sometimes we forget that maybe we are going to be challenged. Don't be afraid of it. Be ready to make a defence. We are to offer an intelligent explanation for the things we believe. We should take some initiative and learn, grow in understanding of our faith. How would you respond if someone asked you, ‘Why did you become a Christian? Or, what motivates you to continue to follow the Christian faith?’
  3. We are to prove our enemies wrong with gentleness and reverence for the other person. What if we train ourselves that when we are being challenged you smile?

We don't always know how we are coming across to everyone. Self awareness questions for all of us.

  • Do you know when you are being gracious vs. judgemental?
  • Do you know when you are being loving vs. being condemning?
  • Do you know when you are influencing another vs. just arguing?

Most importantly, ask yourself, ‘What is motivating me to continue to be a follower of Jesus?’

“Lord Jesus, clarify the answer to that question for me. That I may be ready, that I may know that I am always love. Help us to keep you on the throne.” 

Homily begins at 22:10

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