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Rest for the Soul (Refuel)

Summer is a time for vacation and recharging. It is a season when we try to catch up.

“Even though it is a season for vacation, we don't want it to be a vacation from the spiritual life.”

Even though there are good human ways to get recharged, we also want to look to Jesus' example and see how he instructs us in this refuelling process.

We have to be able to recognize when the tank is getting low. What are the indicators that your tanks is low?

  • If you are always frantic - if your life always feels very full.
  • If you are starting to lack passion.
  • If you are irritable and impatient.
  • If you are reacting and not listening to people.
  • If you are unfocused, procrastinating, or feeling apathetic.
  • If you are hiding unhealthy behaviours.
  • If you have tunnel vision - you are unable to see or care about the people around you.

Jesus says to us, ‘If you are tired, if you are stressed, if you are burdened - let me teach you how to walk through this.’ 

How do we practically apply going to Jesus to find rest for our souls?

I suggest 3 areas to look at: 

  1. The Body - There are so many opportunities to get outside. Don't do them apart from Jesus, do them with him. It can be as simple as just being aware that he is with us in these activities. 
  2. The Mind - Reading is one of the things we can do. What is something you can read that will enrich you spiritually this summer? 
  3. The Spirit - The most obvious thing is to go to him in prayer. You will never be less busy than you are today unless you choose it. Prayer can be a beautiful opportunity, a place or rest, a means through which we can relax. 
    • I start every day with a strong cup of coffee and my bible. I will sit in a comfortable chair for a few minutes of silence. It's not complicated. I might read a chapter from one of the Gospels and then I'll just think about it. Maybe ask the question - How does God's word apply to my life today, right now?

It's not just about us saying I'm going to do this or that. It's not about us willing it as if we can decide. Jesus is saying, ‘You do not need to refuel yourself. Allow me to teach you how to rest and be refuelled.’

Homily begins at 20:30

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