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Rediscovering Love (Ash Wednesday)

Rediscover that first love that we have with Christ. The Church offers us Lent as a season to recalibrate our hearts and reconnect with God in a special way. Fasting, almsgiving, and prayer are the tools we use during this season to rediscover love. 

"Lent is a season that is about life transformation." 

Fasting - rediscover hunger

Do you know that hunger is a good thing? Another word for hunger is passion.

When we fast, it is good to be reminded that there is a hunger in our souls for something that is crying out for someone transcendent, God. "I am hungry. Let me redirect my hunger towards God, who satisfies." 

Almsgiving - rediscover poverty

It is an invitation to give to the poor.

Prayer - rediscover peace

We need to rediscover peace and the peace of Christ.

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