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Joy - Right Now (Room for Waiting)

You can be happy or miserable anywhere. The kingdom of God is within. True christian joy is within. It is in a place where it cannot be taken or robbed from us. When we consciously invite God to dwell inside of us that changes everything, we can remain rooted in this gift of joy.

We can experience that joy in the midst of whatever we are waiting for.

“The world is saying, 'when your circumstances change then you can have joy.' With Jesus, we can experience and find joy right now in the midst of waiting.”

St. Paul gives us some straight forward advice on how to rejoice always:

  1. Pray without ceasing.
  2. Give thanks in all situations.

“Let anyone who comes to you go away feeling better and happier. Every one should see goodness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile. Joy shows from the eyes, it appears when we speak and walk. It cannot be kept closed inside us. It reacts outside. Joy is very infectious." (Mother Teresa)

Homily begins at 17:20.

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