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Give God Permission - What Does that Mean to You?

Give God Permission - What does that mean to you?

When we give god permission it does something good for us. It helps us live out of a place of peace and joy. It helps us to be free. 

God is inviting us to give him permission. This is a crucial element to the spiritual life. This is the key. 


"God I'll do anything you want me to do. And, I'm going to say yes to that thing before I even know what it is." 

God is asking for our permission. He doesn't just barge in and kick the door down.

"I thought that if I gave God permission he was going to lock me into a life of misery. Then I thought about it a little more. I asked myself, 'what do I really believe about God?' Do I believe that he is an Oger who is out to ruin my weekend? Or, do I believe that he really, really loves me and he has my best interest in mind."

Do we really trust him? Are we willing to Give him permission?


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