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Getting Rooted

As Christians, if we get the roots right, we can withstand just about anything. 

Jesus is the primary person we should be imitating. When we imitate Jesus it is so much more than flattery.

“I imitate Jesus because there is no other option. If I don't imitate Jesus, if I don't get rooted in him, I don't stand a chance.”

Here are 3 simple ways for how we can imitate Jesus. 

  1. Decide who to imitate - Jesus or the culture. It is one thing to say that we like Jesus. However, are we actually following him? I choose today to follow and imitate Jesus, not the culture. 
  2. Imitate the real Jesus - Very often, our image of Jesus is very much like the person we see in the mirror. We form the image of Jesus based on our own needs and wants. We have to spend time getting to know the real Jesus, imitating the one who Jesus really is. The best way to do this is by spending some time with the Bible. Get in the habit of reading the bible every day. 
  3. Imitate in a way that you can be imitated. If we are imitating Jesus well, others will want to follow suit. 

Homily begins at 20:45

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