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Do I Need Resurrection in my Life?

What is the big deal? What does the empty tomb symbolize?

  1. It is a burial place; it is a place of death. 
  2. It is a sign of hope. 
  3. It is a reminder that God is a God of surprises. Just as we think we know what is going on God surprises us. 

Today we can misunderstand Jesus and his purpose. Many of us believe that he went through all of this to help bad people become good.

Why did Jesus rise from the dead?

Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and rose from the dead to help the dead come back to life, not that bad people become good. 

Do I really need resurrection in my life?

If we are honest, we are all searching. We are looking for that which will give us life. We pursue things that we believe will lead to happiness, love, and satisfaction. However, Jesus is the only one who can truly fill us. 

"God the Father, you have created me with an infinite desire in my heart. Through my human efforts I have tried to satisfy that longing, but l keep coming up short. I let go of my past failures and even my successes. Jesus give me an experience of freedom and new life in you. Please fill my heart with your love through the gift of your Holy Spirit." 

Homily starts at 29:30.

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