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Preparing the Way of the Lord

Advent is a very holy time. It is when we prepare for the coming of Jesus. We prepare for his coming among us as a man and his coming again at the end of time. 

This week we heard about John the Baptist. One thing to notice about John the Baptist is that scripture says he was living in the wilderness.

Anytime you hear the word wilderness in the scriptures it should remind you of the story of the Exodus. 

  • For a time God's, people were slaves in Egypt. 
  • Through Moses, they left Egypt and ended up in the wilderness. 
  • During their time in the wilderness, they built a golden calf and began to worship the golden calf and turned their back on God. 

Once you are in the desert there are only 2 exits:

  • You can go back to slavery and idolatry.
  • Or go forward to the promised land. 

To go back to slavery and idolatry is to go back to sin and to worship something other than God. 

What is the way forward? Today we meet John the Baptist at the Jordan. Jesus went to the Jordan to be baptized by John. We are to model ourselves after Jesus.

At the river John said, bear fruit worthy of repentance. This means that in being baptized in the Jordan I am being invited to be wholly transformed. I am to bear fruit worthy of repentance. 

Jesus will baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire. This is proof that a disciple is called to transformation, not just repentance for sin. 

Advent is a season focused on preparing for the coming for Jesus. How does my transformation, or lack there of, have any impact on the coming of Christ? Jesus preached the kingdom of God, he showed that it was already beginning. The way that our transformation prepares for the coming of Jesus is that we are the people who are called to continue what Jesus began when he came into the world. 

We are called to be transformed. We are transformed when we allow Jesus to baptized us with the Holy Spirit and fire.



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