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Living that Intentional Easter

Homily begins at 1:50.

Lent was more than spiritual olympics. Lent was a preparation for this moment, the resurrection.

"Our lenten penance was to help me grow in detachment from sin and whatever could lead me to sin. Hopefully, it included giving up things like, anger, lust, greed, selfishness, unforgiveness, despair, etc." 

Lent was about giving up things for 40 days. But, what about the 50 days of Easter? What about the Easter Season? How can we be just as intentional about living out Easter?

  • We can't change all at once. But, if we identify one area and we ask the Holy Spirit to help us we will see change in our lives. We know that we can change because Christ has risen from the dead. That means anything si possible. 
  • These 50 days of Easter we are learning to walk in newness of life. Hopefully, your lenten experience has prepared you to walk in newness of life. 
  • The best practice for that is a time of daily prayer. Why not begin with 15 minutes? During your 15 minutes, I encourage you to spend time reading the Bible. I encourage you to read the end of the 4 gospels and read some of those amazing resurrection appearances. After you read those, read the acts of the apostles. 
  • The next area to consider is your relationships. 
  • You can't learn to walk in a new life if you plan to keep that new life to yourself. That new life will become unrecognizable if you don't share it with others. 
    • Live joyfully - Witness to what God has done for you. 
    • Find some way to serve others. 

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