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Justice Finally (Part 2)

When Jesus comes again he is coming to see how we have done with our responsibilities.

You and I are made right before God because Jesus has freely and willingly died in our place. So this is your choice today:

  • You can ask for Justice for yourself.
  • Or, you can ask God for his justice. You can ask God to pour out his mercy upon you because of Jesus his son. 

This week, take some time and ask Jesus, 'is there anywhere where you don't have first place in my life?' Jesus truly wants you to know the answer to that question. He desires to save you, not judge you. He doesn't want you to get the reward you deserve; he wants to give you the life he has won for you.

He has won for you a life without end, a life that is perfect in every way, a life that super abundantly satisfies every desire, a life that never diminishes, a life that grows and grows, gets better and better, forever and ever.

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