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Justice Finally (Part 1)

If the last judgement is the decisive image of hope then we are being invited to grow in the virtue of hope. 

If you are baptized it means that supernatural hope was poured into your life along, with faith and love. That hope that has been given to you is something you can use, something you can grow. 

One way to grow in hope is to learn, even memorize, God's promises to you. The Bible is full of God's promises to us. But, if you don't know them, you cannot call on them to strengthen your hope. 

I believe that everyone in the world is looking for hope. Some people are angry. Some are desperate. Some are numbed by their boredom. Everyone is looking for hope

Christian men and women can help the world rediscover hope. 

We have hope even now because we know that Jesus the King will soon bring a day that heals the past and begins a future where injustice will never be seen again. 

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