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An Invitation Like No Other

What is Jesus saying?

The word repent is often a call to change our mind. I think Jesus is inviting us to open our minds and consider something we have never dreamed of, the kingdom of God. 

Whoever you are, we are all being invited. Maybe this something we are hearing for the first time. Perhaps it is the first time we are just starting to understand. God is tugging at our hearts to make the decision to give our lives to him. 

Maybe it is a decision that we have made in the past but have let it slip. 

Maybe for some of us it is just a reminder of how grateful we are for God having loved us, chosen us, and that he gave us the grace to say yes to him. 

"I give you my cares, my worries, my fears, my hang-ups, all my difficulties, and I ask you to set me free." - Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

Regardless, whoever you are, we can all look over this prayer to see if there is something that expresses what we want to say to God.

Give God Permission

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