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Discovering the Real Christmas

There are many places you can discover Jesus, but there is only one way that it happens.

  • You can discover Jesus in his word, in his Bible.
  • You can discover Jesus in other Christian disciples.
  • You can discover Jesus in the sacraments, like the Eucharist.
  • You can discover Jesus inn worship like we are invited to offer God tonight.

However, there is only one way to do it. It is called Faith. Faith doesn't come easily.

Jesus loves you. He wants you to know that he has come into the world to save you from your sin and open for you a way to eternal life. He only asks one thing of you, that you would believe that he is the Saviour, Christ the Lord. Those who believe this begin a brand new life, they chose to live for Jesus.

We can come to discover that God has not left us alone. He loves us. He wants us to know him. He is right here with us to help us bring about a different world, the world of hope, joy, and peace that we long for. 

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