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Captivity VS. Capacity

We can become captive to feelings of vengeance, money, possessions, un-forgiveness, stealing, swearing, lying, pride, judgment of others, to strong feelings in our hearts that lead us to fate.

What is Jesus asking of us today?

When Jesus says be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect, here we  find the good news of the gospel. Here is where we can move from being captive to our sins to knowing what our true capacity is.

"God's Spirit dwells in you. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit gives you a far greater capacity for holiness than before he can to rest in you."

This new capacity is not as impossible as it first appears.

3 aspects of moving from captivity to capacity

  • It is according to your design - God has created you to know him and to love him. He can live within you.
  • It is your desire, and my desire. It is within us to want to me more, to be the very best person we can be.
  • It is also God's desire for you. If it is God's desire for you God will work it into you as you work with him. God knows how powerful the gift of the Spirit is that dwells within you.

One of the movements of the disciple is to love our neighbour.

  • What God is saying to us today is that we have a greater capacity for this love than we realized. Today you can pick one person that you know God is calling you to love in a different way and try to draw on this capacity. Maybe this includes forgiveness.
  • Second thing you might be called to do is to serve - perhaps there is someone in your life that you can serve.
  • The third thing that God is asking you to do for someone in your life is listen - take time, slow down, turn off the phone, and listen. There are a lot few people in this world who don't have anyone to simply listen to them.

In conclusion, if we are honest with ourselves, we all have some things in our lives that keep us captive. When Jesus asks us to be perfect as his father is perfect he is telling us that what was impossible before is possible now. As we move from captivity to our capacity, we recognize that one of the very first things that we are to do is to love our neighbour, and to love one another.

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