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Be Part of God's Plan

How does your faith compare to the woman in the Gospel (Matthew 15:21-28)? Jesus praised her faith. What would he say about yours?

Today, you can choose to make yourself a part of God's unshakeable plan. It will take surrender. It will take trust. 

  1. The first step is to understand God's plan for you. 
    • God loves you and desires to save you. He will not be shaken from that plan for your life and for your eternity. But, he waits for you to say yes to his plan, to surrender to him. 
  2. Second, as best you can, understand God's plan to save the world.
    • God asks us all to make him known to others.
  3. Finally, your trust in God's unshakeable plan, will encourage others to have that same trust. In the end, this is the only way that God's peace will come into the world. 

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