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Are You a Witness or a Believer?

At the beginning of 50 days of Easter, St. Paul tells us we are to walk in newness of life. Which can be a little bit like giving up an old pair of comfortable shoes and putting on a new pair of shoes that might not be as comfortable.

Lent was a time of repentance. It was a time to get disentangled from those things that are holding us back from our relationship with God.

When Easter comes there is temptation to go back to the way we were living before.

Lent was a time to detach, grow in freedom, and to empty ourselves.

  • We detach so that now we can join ourselves to Jesus and not worry that something is going to pull us away from him.
  • We grow in freedom so that we can freely and wholeheartedly give our lives over to the risen Lord.
  • We empty ourselves so that we can be filled with the glory of the resurrection.

Now that Easter has come, St. Paul tells us, “We were indeed buried with him through baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might live in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4)

Are you a witness or a believer? Most people understand what it means to be a witness to history.

Once we hear the stories of the resurrection appearances the question still must be answered, do you believe?

St. Peter answers what it means to believe, “Through him believe in God who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.” (1 Peter 1:21)

To believe means more than saying, ‘I guess I believe that God exists.’ The disciples tell us that their hearts were burning within them!

“You learn information about Christianity, Catholicism, or Christ from your head. But believing comes from your heart. The movement from being a witness to being a believer is not automatic because believing comes from your heart and not your head. It is not a natural growth over time. To trust from your heart is a decision that only you can make.”

During Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. You and I are called to believe in him because of all that he has done, because he has shown us his power of death. We are called to put our trust in him. Today, again, you are invited to totally surrender your life to the risen Lord Jesus who lives and reigns forever.

What more do you need to see? What more do you need to witness? Choose to believe. Choose to trust him with your whole life.

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