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Mary: The Queen of the Apostles

Mary is the Queen of the Apostles.

Mary is not the end. Mary is the means to Jesus. She is the surest, safest, and quickest way to Jesus Christ. When we say Mary, she echoes back Jesus. 

The best way to pray to Jesus is with Mary, in Mary, through Mary, and for Mary. We need to give God permission. But, how do we give God permission?

“Give Mary permission. We need to trust Mary and give her permission to move in our lives today. Mary, I give you permission to move in my life and I trust in you and your immaculate heart. ”

Surrender everything that is causing negativity. If there is any negativity in your life that is a sign that you have not surrendered, criticalness, resentment, anything that is a burden in your heart. 

That's why we have the sacrament of confession, we don't confess positive things.