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In an Elevator with Jesus

What if you found yourself in an elevator with Jesus? Jesus turns to you and asks, “What do you do for my Kingdom?” How would that go? Do you have an answer for that?

“Jesus is asking us what we do personally for the Kingdom of God. What particular charism do you live out of? What tasks do you perform? In what way have you expanded my love and presence in the world?”

Each person is capable and called to a particular task that is unique to them. Have you thought about it, discerned it, or pursued it? If not, we are going to have trouble in the elevator. 

How do you find your charism? How do you find out what God is calling you too?

There are 2 ways:

  1. What makes you mad? Do something about it. 
  2. What makes you sing? What brings you joy? Find out what you are good at, what gives you life and do it, do it for the Kingdom. 

“We are trying to wake the sleeping giant, to awaken it into what it really is. That the world would see in us a credible alternative to a secular age.”

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