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What Just Happened?

What Just Happened?

Christ just rose from the dead! It is as fresh, new and real as when it first happened. Jesus just rose from the dead. He exited from the grave. That doesn't just mean that a dead man has come back to life. It means a whole lot more than that!

It means that in this man, Jesus of Nazareth, alone of all the human race death has been undone. Death reached out to seize him, and swallow him up; however, death itself was overthrown. Death, hell, and the grave have been robbed and been trampled under foot. In him, in Jesus, we see our destiny, our future, God's future for us and for the whole human race. 

What does the resurrection mean for the world?

  1. It means that the world has a future. In Jesus we know that death does not have the last word. We know that humanity can have a happy ending. In Jesus we have a future, humanity has a future.
  2. Sin has been overcome. Full atonement has been made for human sin. The Father has accepted the sacrifice of Jesus. The death of Jesus on the Cross is not just a brutal execution. It is a sacrifice that is infinitely pleasing to God. Jesus died, not as an accident, he died according to the plan of God. He died for us. His life was not taken from him, he gave it up, he gave up his spirit on the Cross as a sacrifice for sin. Our sins have been forgiven. 
  3. All of us have been set free. We have crossed through the red sea into the promise land. We have been delivered. We have gone through the exodus. We sing a victory song. We have been made a new creation. We are sons and daughters of God. We live with the very life of God inside us. 

What does it mean for me personally the Jesus is risen?

  • It means that I belong to him. I am his. He died and rose to purchase me with his own precious blood. The blood of Christ is what it cost to redeem us, to redeem me. I have passed from death to life. 
  • Have you made that decision to follow Christ as his disciple? Is he at the very centre of your life? That is the decision that is in front of us today. Will I commit to Jesus?

Now what? What do we do?

If I have accepted that Jesus is the Lord, that he is my Lord, that he has given us a future now what? Well, we have to go out and tell the others. Once we have heard that Jesus is alive we can't just sit there. We have to go and tell the others. Telling the others is what brings the Church into being. We are here because someone told someone who didn't know that Jesus is alive, that Jesus is Lord, that Jesus can give you an eternal future. We need to tell the news. There is a world out there that is hurting, that is perishing, that is confused, sick, lonely, and disoriented. The one thing it needs to hear above all is that Jesus is alive. That is the most essential truth that the world needs to hear right now.

“There is no one else that can tell the world except you and me. So we better go out and do it.” 

The challenge is that you will go and tell someone who does not know this. Just be willing to do it. The world needs to hear the joyful news: that Jesus was dead and is now alive forever. 


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