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What Are Material Possessions Worth?

This is the story of you.

  • God has always known you. He has dreamed of you. You are his idea. He decided that his universe needed you in it. He knew you by name and everything about you. 
  • I was wanted. God wanted you to exist. He wants you for himself. He wants you to be with him to share his eternity. That is his desire for you.
  • I was destined.
  • I was created. At a certain point in time he made you. You are a reflection of God himself. 
  • After your creation, God called you. You were called to belong to the family of faith.
  • I was justified. Everything that Jesus did on the Cross was downloaded into your soul. You were made completely clean and completely acceptable to God. You are a new creation. 
  • I was sanctified. 
  • I follow Jesus. This is the time for rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. You work in the Lord's vineyard. It is a time to act in gratitude for all the immense gifts God has lavished upon you. 
  • I will be judged. If our response to God's love has been faith, love,and obedience, our appearance before him will be to hear him say welcome to the kingdom prepared for you. 
  • I will be glorified. In the life of glory you will see God face to face. You will be completely immersed in him. You will be perfectly happy, no pain, no suffering. In that life of glory, which goes on forever, you will possess all things. God will be yours by love. 

In light of this story what are material possessions? What are they worth? Nothing. They are very small matters. They are a few grains of sand in comparison to a mountain of treasure that God is storing up for you. 

Material possession are not insignificant or irrelevant. They can either be a direct obstacle to our life with God or an instrument of our salvation. 

Our possessions become an obstacle to our salvation when they become idols. Idols block us from God. Idols divert us. They distract us. They show us a reflection of ourselves, we are infatuated with ourselves. This is how idols exercise their hold on us. 

However, we can take the very things that could be an obstacle and turn them into an instrument of our salvation. 

But, first we have to deal with our idols. We have to have the honesty to unmask the idols in our lives. We can do a searching moral inventory to ask yourself before God, "Show me what are the things that are bright and shinny that are diverting my attention." 

We have to have the courage to do something about it, to remove these things from their pedestal, to take them and put them at the service of charity, at service to the kingdom of God. 

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