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Tuning Into God

What does it mean to tune into the Lord's frequency? 

Tuning into a radio frequency is a natural skill. It is something that we can practice and get good at. It is something that we naturally do. Our ears recognize when we hit the right signal.

With the spiritual life, tuning into the Lord's frequency, it is a graced ability. It builds on a natural ability which is the ability to take notice and pay attention. We all have that.  We know how to tune in and how to pay attention to the words that are being spoken to us when we really want to, when we really desire to hear the words that are being spoken to us.

That does point to the importance of desire. If we don't want to tune in static will over take us and drown out the voice of the one who is speaking. But, we can hone that skill, we can practice it.

Grace has to come into the picture. Grace will fuel the desire to hear, encounter, and receive that further mission that God has for us. Grace will be at work in enabling us to persist in listening through the wind, through the earth quake, through the fire, until we hear that tiny whispering sound - the most essential voice of all.

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