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Remember Me

Audio Download: 2016-03-19 Remember Me.mp3

The Kingdom of God

Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is a new way of being human. It is a new relationship of God with humanity where God and humanity are perfectly reconciled and live as one. To be in the Kingdom of God means we do the will of God. To be in the Kingdom means to love as God loves.

A God Like Love

We love perfectly. We love compassionately, mercifully and universally as God loves. We love everyone even the wicked, unrighteous, and those who hate and despise us. This is the kind of love Jesus teaches and the kind of love that Jesus practices from the cross.

A love that is God like has no limits or bounds, it keeps on giving and asks nothing in return. A love that lays itself down and pours itself out. A love that allows itself to be ground up like wheat under the mill stone. 

A Perfect Love of God

Jesus shows us what perfect love of God is like. It means that even when everything is being taken away form us, even in the face of death, even when there is absolutely nothing in it for us, we must still trust and abandon ourselves completely to the loving care of our Father. This is what love of God is. 


Jesus died knowing that the Father will hear him, vindicate him, and raise him from the dead. 

There is hope for every one of us. What is required of us is that we entrust ourselves completely to Jesus like the good thief did. We need to acknowledge our sin and humbly pray to Jesus and ask him for salvation, believe in him and that he is who he says he is, a merciful saviour.

“Let this be our prayer this week, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.’”

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