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Masculinity Through Mary

As men we can have difficulties relating to Mary. It is not something that comes naturally or spontaneously to us. Here are some of the main obstacles that stand in the way. 

1. The closer you are to Mother Mary the less of a man you are (False).

Mary wants you to be a man. Her will is perfectly aligned with Gods will for you. She doesn't want anything other than what God wants. She wants everything that God wants for his children. She wants you to be everything that God created you to be. If he created you to be a man she wants you to be a whole and healthy man, a fully functioning man.

She wants you to be a man. 

2. Because she's a woman, because she's the mother of God, because she's sinless what is there for me to relate to? 

She knows how to raise a real man. She is the one woman that God the Father chose to entrust his Son to. 

She knows the way. If you follow her advice you are going to get holy. 

3. Won't focusing on Mary take me away from Jesus? No.

Jesus himself honoured her. He obeyed her. 

When we are honouring the saints we are honouring the work of God in them. Her only desire is to see everyone gathered under the headship of her son. 

A relationship with the mother of God has to be personal. For every one of us it is going to look different. It has to involve your heart. It is not about doing stuff unless love leads you to do stuff. Of course we do stuff for those we love; but, it has to come out of that centre. You can't do stuff for the sake of doing stuff. You will move her heart if you are genuine.  

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