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Learning Through Failure

If we want to be good at anything we need to pay attention to those who spectacularly succeed. However, we also need to look at those who fail in a spectacular fashion and see what we can learn from them.

  1. Living in Fantasy Land.

    Jesus knows the human heart. He knows what we are capable of. However, sometimes, in our excitement and enthusiasm we make these grand statements without measuring the cost, without a healthy dose of spiritual realism.

    We will not get anywhere as disciples of Jesus if we are denying our humanity and what we are really capable of. We need to take stock of our strengths and give glory to God for those. But, we also need to understand our real weaknesses, limitations, desires, our background, and our culture.

    Jesus invites us to an honest self-examination that leads to genuine self-knowledge, to really know what I am honestly capable of giving the Lord.

  2. Living in tomorrow land.

    I call him Lord but what does that word mean if I am in the drivers seat? What does that mean if I am dictating to him the conditions to which I am going to be obedient? That doesn't sound like discipleship.

    The time to serve the Lord and answer his call is right now. Is my response commensurate with who he is? Is he really the Lord of my life? If not, we need to humbly start over again.

  3. Living in yesterday land.

    We can look back in 2 destructive ways.

    • The first destructive way is to look back with longing at something that I have given up. That I have surrendered.
    • The second is when we look back on our own failures. What use is that? As long as my mind is focused on the past and how I failed and didn't follow the Lord I am not focusing on responding to him now. I am forfeiting the very grace by which he could be making me holy right now in the present because I am not paying attention to him. We have to renounce that. We need to renounce that and bring our attention back to the present and fix it on the Lord

As long as we are living in one of these 3 we will fail at being a disciple of Jesus.

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