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Keep Going

Audio Download: 2016-08-20 Keep Going.mp3

God loves me and you too much to make our freedom meaningless. To say everyone automatically gets a ticket to heaven is to say that the struggle of your every day life, between good and evil, ultimately doesn't matter. 

What is the meaning of great struggles in human history, and in our every day life, if in the end, everyone just goes to heaven?

Salvation is not a magic wand. It is not a free ticket. It is a free gift. It is freely offered. God urgently desires everyone to say YES. But, he can't say yes for you. He needs your yes. 

Hearing is not enough. Receiving the invitation in the mail is not enough. God is not interested in a robotic heaven full of people who had no choice in getting there. What he is interested in is love. Love can only come from a free heart, a heart that freely says yes. 

You can't just love once, you can't just believe in him once. You have to keep saying yes, persevere in the face of adversity, and keep going. 

The urgency is to respond to Jesus. To truly follow him. To enter into union with him. To make him the centre of our lives and the love of our lives. 

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