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How to Live My Life as a Disciple

How do I live my life as a disciple?

For a genuine disciple, Jesus is the only model. Whatever concrete practices I end up adopting in my walk of faith have to have the purpose of making me more like Jesus. Otherwise, they are no good for me. The purpose of discipleship is to be where Jesus is. Whatever it is I do a disciple has to put me with Jesus, connect me with Jesus, and keep me connected with Jesus.

Jesus' life gave us an example of how to live. Everything he did is worthy of imitation. He wanted to show us how to live. In following Jesus as my model, I am not following someone who is far away. By grace, Jesus is living inside of us. Jesus is alive in me.

The fuel for discipleship is love. Love is the only fuel. The only thing that will sustain you is love for God. No love, no discipleship. Where do we get love? From God. We have to receive the love. Where do I go to fill up the tank? The Lord, the sacraments.


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