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Fix Our Eyes on Jesus

Our God wants to bring us to a place of life, love, and happiness. But we can't get there if we reject his laws. 

Where are we at in our own journey of faith?

  • Are we tired of swimming against the current?
  • Are we tired of professing our faith and getting ridiculed, rejected, silenced, and told to go live our faith in a closet?

The letter to the Hebrews presents our faith as a race. We are running. We are running the race. And, like any race we get tired, we get weary. We lose heart because of the opposition, because we are told to be quiet.

The author of Hebrews says no. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. We come now to be refreshed at the banquet of the Lord. The Eucharist is exactly the supplement we need to run the race all the way to the finish. 

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