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The Domestic Church

How do we know we are in the house of the Lord? One of the most potent symbols we use in the liturgy is fire.

Flames indicate that we are in the presence of the Holy One. Where is the house of the Lord? Wherever he dwells. We know that he dwells within each of us. He dwells within the family, the domestic church. He dwells in our community, diocese, and the universal Church throughout the world.

Let's focus on the family, the domestic church, the church as it is present in the home.

"Is the fire burning in the house of the Lord and who's job is it to keep the fire burning? You guessed it, everyone. It is everyones responsibility in the family to keep the fire burning, to have a light that protects and attracts."

Here are some concrete suggestions for a place of prayer, a time for prayer, and a format for prayer in the family.

  • A place for prayer - It is good to have a specific place in the home where people can go and pray. It can be a small corner. However, everything about it needs to say, 'come and encounter the Lord.'
    • We can have a crucifix there, it shows us the price of our salvation, 'this is what my redemption cost the Lord.' It also shows us how much we are worth in the eyes of God.
    • We can have an image of the Sacred Heart or Divine Mercy. This is the truth, he love us and bled for us.
    • We can have an image of our Lady, her maternal love accompanies us from birth to the grave.
    • The Word of God.
    • A candle.
    • A vessel with holy water that we can use for blessing each other.
  • Time - We know our priorities by looking at how we spend our time. We can't say something is a priority unless we make it a priority and spend time on it. Our prayer in the home needs to have a rhythm. The liturgy has a daily, weekly, seasonal, and yearly rhythm. That is something we can emulate.
    • We can pray at specific times, something that corresponds to the liturgical season of the year. There are certain special occasions where we pray in a unique way.
  • How to pray - Prayer can be spontaneous.
    • It can be praise, thanksgiving, adoration.
    • The Liturgy of the Hours is centered on the Psalms.
    • There is a simplified version of the Liturgy of the Hours.

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