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The Costliest Search and Rescue of All Time

Our theme is Mercy, The mercy of God - What God has done and what he continues to do for our salvation.

We can't appreciate the magnitude of God's mercy unless we first come to grips with the reality of our situation without God's mercy. In other words, we can't appreciate just how good the Good News is unless we accept how bad the bad news is. 

The bad news is that we have sinned and that we are sinners. In choosing evil we have become infected with evil. 

As sinners we have a propensity to rationalize the reality of sin. We tell ourselves 'It's not that bad...'. As sinners, we help each other do that and live in this denial. This is why it is so good and so helpful for us to be gazing upon the crucified image of our Lord. The crucifix shows us exactly how serious our sin is. It shows us what he had to do to extricate us from our sin. 

Our sin required the Son of God to leave behind the happiness of heaven and enter into our broken and twisted world. And, take upon himself the full weight of human sin. It required him to be rejected, mocked, humiliated, and tortured. My sin did this to him. Your sin did this to him. That is the bad news. 

Each one of us listened to the devil. Whenever we have said yes to sin we have believed the lie that the enemy was proposing. 

In order to sin we had to disregard:

  1. The warning of our Father.
  2. The big danger sign in front. 
  3. The voice of our own conscience. 

We had to ignore all of these things in order to sin. And we did. 

What does God do in the face of our sin? God the Son left behind his perfect happiness and bliss and took upon our humanity. He became weak because I am weak. He experienced sorrow and pain because I experience sorrow and pain. He experienced misery because I experience misery. He embraced sinful man all the way to the cross and died. Tweet Button

Because of the incomparable divine life that was within him he burst out of the dark holding us and brought us into the light, washed us clean and bathed us, poured perfume on us, and  he leads us to the feast of eternal life. We were weak and he gave us his strength. 

Thanks be to God that there is enough love in the heart of our Saviour and there is enough power in his blood to cleanse us from the first sin, the second sin, the third sin, the one hundredth, etc. As soon as we repent and confess our sinfulness in the sacrament of reconciliation once again he cleanses us and restores our dignity as sons and daughters of God. 

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