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Central Importance

St. Paul reminds us of the central importance of the Scriptures in the life of a disciple

The scriptures are a reliable guide for our life. They lead us surely to salvation. Those who come to know and love the scriptures find great delight in them.

When we come into contact with the inspired word of God in scripture everything within us comes to life. It is like being in the garden all over again where life is just abundant and flows.

Through the Cross of Christ we have access to intimacy with him. It is possible again for us to enter the garden.

Even now, through contact with the living word in scripture, we can already partake in heavenly fruits, we can already walk in the garden, we can already feel the breath of God blowing upon us rustling the leaves, we can already taste the fruit of the life.

One excellent practice that can be recommended for all of us is to take the Sunday Gospel and pray with it in the week leading up to that Sunday. Don't just read it through in 5 minutes. But, take it and chew it, savour it, and assimilate it, one phrase at a time, one sentence at a time.