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Ten Things Jesus Calls us to that Mark Christianity

Here are ten things that Jesus calls us to that mark Christianity in a particular way.

  1. Jesus calls us to repent.
  2. We have to forgive.
  3. We are called to heal relationships.
  4. He calls us to sanctify our sexuality.
  5. The Lord calls us to give.
  6. The Lord call us to obey his commandments.
  7. We are called to a new rhythm of life.
  8. The Lord calls us to learn.
  9. The Lord calls us to a general renewal of our minds.
  10. The Lord calls us to holy friendships.

Following Jesus is a agreat call. To be a Chistian is to be something great. It is a radical call.

“The Lord sees our greatness. He sees is clearly. He wants to do great things in us and though us. Do you have the courage to let him do it?”

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