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Miraculous Routine

St. John Vianney's daily routine was miraculous. 

  • He would get up at 1am every day. 
  • Begin with prayer and then hear women's confessions until 6am.
  • At 6am he would celebrate mass. 
  • After mass, he would mingle with pilgrims.
  • At 8am he would have breakfast - half a cup of milk.
  • At 8:30am he began to hear men's confessions.
  • He took a break at 10am to lead more prayers.
  • Then he would continue to hear confessions until 11am.
  • At 11am he would teach catechism to everyone.
  • At noon they would pray the angelus and then have lunch.
  • After lunch he would visit the sick.
  • Then he would hear women's confessions until 5pm. 
  • At 5pm he heard mens confessions until 8pm.
  • At 8pm he would lead evening prayer and the rosary. Then he would hear more confessions.
  • They say he never left the church before 10pm and sometimes he stayed until midnight

"He did this 7 days a week for 30 years." -Fr. Rutler

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