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I Love You!

Many have fallen for the forbidden fruit that looks so good on the outside. When you bite into the forbidden fruit you realize that it is rotten and doesn't bring life. It brings sickening death. 

The spirit of the age says, ‘Who am I to judge? I'm compassionate and accepting of everyone. If it feels good, do it. I don't judge you.’ This attitude embraces a morality that is contrary to wisdom and reason.

“This attitude, this spirit of the age, kills. It doesn't deliver. It feels good for a moment. In the end, it leaves us empty. It is rotten.”

The three things you need to know if you have embraced the spirit of the age:

  1. You're being a fool.
  2. You've been deceived.
  3. You are on the wide and easy road that leads to destruction. 

Know your identity, dignity, authority, and destiny.

  • Identity - you are a child of God with an immortal soul.
  • Dignity - you can live a virtuous, holy, and noble life. 
  • Authority - You can have self mastery. You have the capacity, with the grace of God, to live holy and virtuous lives.
  • Destiny - Our destiny is eternal life in Heaven because you have an immortal soul. But, God doesn't force anyone to his eternal embrace in Heaven. You have to choose it.

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