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How Are You Honestly Doing?

Two things are necessary for us to be at the wedding banquet.

1. We need to show up and respond to the invitation.

Jesus is inviting us to follow him and imitate him. God can't be one aspect of your life. If you believe he is who he says he is, the only response that makes any sense is to put him at the centre of your life.

2. We need to be prepared.

We are to live a life that reflects our response to the Gospel, a life of discipleship, a whole hearted response.

Each day we are faced with new opportunities to grow closer to God or move farther away, to respond in virtue and charity, or to respond in vice and sin.

How are we doing?

In the past 7 months, what has your response been? Have you grown closer to the Lord or grown farther apart? Honestly reflect on how you are doing spiritually, physically, and emotionally. What do I want these next months to look like? God is not quarantined. He is not limited or restricted. He wants to meet you today, right now.

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