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Holy Week In 4D

Enter into the passion narrative using the Ignatian meditation.

Three Points of the Homily:

1. Ignatian Meditation

We can have a 4D experience as we read scripture.  Meditation is using our memory (to express what we already know) and our imagination. Ignatian meditation is reading the passage of scriptures using as if you are right there. Pay attention to the details: what you see, what you hear, the smell, the sound, the emotions of the characters. And when you are truly there, you become part of the scene.

2. Suffering of Jesus

As you engage your 5 senses, you will meet Jesus Christ on his way to Mt. Calvary on a personal way. In the last supper, you will sit with one of the 12 apostles as Jesus celebrate the first eucharist. If I imagine myself in that scene, I will surely think of a lot of Filipino food.  You will witness before your very eyes the agony of Jesus in the garden where he sweat with blood and the betrayal of Judas with the kiss. You will hear how Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crow twice. You will feel the pain of the scourging at the pillar, crowning with thorns, carrying of the cross and eventually witness his death on the cross.

3. Listen to what Jesus is telling you

Be attentive to what God is telling you in those scenes.  And then respond to him in prayer. If we really get what Jesus wants us to know as we see him suffer, we will weep. We will finally see how much He loves us. So first we weep with relief, for we are really loved, then we weep with grief, for we have sinned so much. We are overwhelmed with the love of God. We see our sins as they really are but we see them through the eyes of the mercy of Jesus Christ and that’s why we weep, it’s the gift of tears.

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