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Good Soil

Audio Download: 2017-07-16 Good Soil.MP3

To be a good soil is to be a true disciple of Jesus. 

The four types of soil is the four different stages of our relationship with God. In order to be a good soil, we need to know Him,go deeper in our relationship with Him and be His disciple. 

Four different types of soil:

1. The seeds that fell on the path represent those who hear the Word of God but do not understand it. A good example of this are the Pharisees, Scribes and Jews who doesn't know Jesus that well and because of that they rejected the word of Jesus. 

2.  The second is the seed fallen on rocky ground. This ground represents the people who hear the Word and welcome it immediately with joy, but they do not have roots in them. When tribulation or persecution comes because of the Word, they fall away immediately. A good example of this is Peter who denied Jesus three times and the other disciples except John who abandoned Him when He was arrested by the Roman soldiers. 

3. Christ explains that he is thinking of those who hear the Word but who, because of the worries of the world and their attachment to riches, stifle the Word so that it does not bear fruit. A good example of this is Judas, who is the treasurer of the group, would always worry about where to get the money. He is worried not getting enough money because he is so attached to money and he would set aside some money for himself. I am sure Judas have heard Jesus preaching  "not to worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.” (Mt 6:25)  and also  when Jesus said “how hard it will be for those who love riches to enter the kingdom of Heaven!”  (Mk10:23) But those words did not register to Judas.  There is no doubt that Judas love Jesus but he also love money more than Jesus that is why he betrayed Him for 30 pieces of silver.

4. Finally, the seed fallen on fertile ground represents those who hear the Word and understand it, and the Word bears fruit in them. A good example of this is John the Beloved Disciple who did not abandon him and was there at the foot of the cross.

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