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The Ascension

Jesus ascended to enter to God's glory and continue to do His work.

Three Significance of Jesus' Ascension to Heaven:
1. Jesus enters God's glory. By
The resurrection signifies that the crucified Jesus is alive while the ascension signifies that the risen Jesus has entered into glory. In Heaven, Jesus is enthroned as King of the world.

2. Jesus continues to work after His ascension.
The "Acts of the Apostle" can be also be called as "Acts of the Risen and Ascended Lord through His Apostles." He leaves them because they have all they need, and the spirit will bring it to mind. He would send them His Spirit, the Paraclete, to do with them what they could not do alone. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, they can be Jesus' witnesses to all the world and fulfill the great commission of making disciples of all nations.

3. Ascended Jesus is not far away.
When Jesus ascended, He did not leave his disciples on their own. He promised that He will be with us until the end of age. (Mt 28:20) He also promised that when two or three are gathered in His name, He is with them. (Mt 18:20)

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