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He Begins to Move Mountains

When we give everything to the Lord, every single day, he begins to move mountains, he begins to level valleys, and he begins to make straight our paths.

This giving of ourselves daily to the Lord is what empowers us to go out and be joyful witnesses to the love and mercy of God.

“Keep giving yourselves daily to the Lord. Keep going out and inviting people to the feast. If we keep doing this, if we let God do what he wants to do in this community, all the Churches will be full. But, it is him who is going to fill them up, not us. We will cooperate we will do our part and our work. However, we have to leave the response of the people up to him. We have to let him convert their hearts.”

Keep surrendering to Jesus daily and he will reveal to you what you need to do each day to go out and bring people to him. 

Listen to the full homily here!

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