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The Success Story

Success stories are made up of the initial situation, the challenge, the solution, the hero, and the happy ending.

What makes the birth of Christ a success story?

  • The Initial Situation

Humanity is broken, separated from God, and needs forgiveness.

  • The Challenge

Convincing the people of the time that this baby is the Messiah. He is the one who will save people from their sins. Convincing people to give their hearts to this Messiah.

  • The Solution

God begins the process of healing by becoming a baby, by becoming human.

  • The Hero

Jesus is the Hero.

  • Happy Ending

Jesus is born and begins the process.

But, we are all part of this success story. We make it a success story by accepting the challenge, convincing the people that Jesus is the Messiah. How many of us do that? The Lord relies on us to make it successful; otherwise, it is just a nice event.

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