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Stick to the Plan

Peter goes back to fishing after 3 years of following Jesus. How easy it is for us to regress. As parents we
see this when we are potty training our children. When children regress, we comfort and encourage
them and are patient and stick to the plan. Jesus treats his disciple’s discouragement in a similar way.
Jesus does not condemn, embarrass, overreact or abandon them. He doesn’t ask “How did you give up
on me so quickly?” He basically says, stick to the plan, yah you’re going to have some mishaps and
regrets but I’m the God of second chances. What ever is causing our loss of hope; Jesus is on the shore
waiting for us. Either we turn to Him or we regress. We try to fill our nets with man made solutions,
avoid or retaliate or give up on God. But the Lord says, I’m here and I’m even going to grill the fish for
you and He reminds us; apart from Me you can do nothing.