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Lent is...

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Lent is a remembering or commemoration of the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert. Lent is a holy time of the year where the Church calls us to observe spiritual disciplines of the spiritual life more intentionally. Lent is a special time of the year to observe and enter into holy disciplines that we might strive for holiness of life. 

We are entering into a Lenten spring training that will help us reorientate our lives to God.

When we think of temptation there are usually 2 ingredients, a short cut and a subtle lie. When we believe the lie we usually take the shortcut. 

The true meaning of life consists of being in right relationship with God in obedience of his commands and trusting in his providence for everything we need. 

"Strive in the midst of every day life to cultivate a deep trust in the Lord. He knows what we need."

The most pervasive temptation we have today is to place everything and anything at the centre of our lives. 

The Church proposes 3 remedies.

  1. Fervent prayer - that we may connect with God
  2. Fasting - that we may hunger for God. Experiencing physical hunger helps us more readily connect with our hunger for God. If you can't fast from food try fasting something that you cherish daily. 
  3. Almsgiving - that we may detach ourselves from what competes with God.

"Lord Jesus, let our personal observance of this holy season of Lent be a sign of conversion for us. When we are tempted to resist your grace and your provision for us, give us strength to trust you in all things and above all things. Guide us Lord along this Lenten journey and give to us the strength of heart, the gift of humility, and the obedience of faith to choose you above all things, that we may be truly happy in this life and life eternal. Amen"


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